SEO Audit Tool

Quad Solutions SEOAudit Tool is completely free. The tool is fast, simple, allows you to pull the most important factors in determining organic rankings and assisting tremendously in developing SEO Strategy.

Essential in helping websites climb the Google ladder

The SEOAudit Tool is fantastic for getting the most informative data from an entire site at once. In fact, it’s not really an audit, it’s more of a crawl. It crawls your entire site and outputs data from an SEO perspective

Not only it audit your entire website but it audits specific web pages or landing pages for any targeted key phrase. Limited & outdated SEO audit tools make the mistake of trying to audit the entire site only, and Google ranks web pages, not websites. Here are a few other reason why you will love Quad Solutions SEOAudit Tool:

  • Unlimited free audits: Yes
  • Audit specific web pages: Yes
  • Amount of data: Full report!
  • Key phrase analysis: Yes
  • Comparison audits: Yes
  • Export to PDF option: Yes
  • Email audit option: Yes
  • Download your audits: yes
  • Audit Design: User Friendly
  • Screenshots: Yes

SEO Audit Tool

Scan any website or specific web page

Enter a URL and press Generate my SEO Audit to create a free SEO report with your page rank, back links, domain age, expiration and much more.

Compare these metrics with those of another URL by clicking "Add a URL to compare"

Download & Export the data to a PDF, Set your strategy or even share with friends and much more!


What You Get:

Get in-depth insights by reviewing a specific internal web pages Compare against your competition and get inspired by best practices. Here is a glimpse of some of the detailed data you will receive from the SEOAudit Tool, allowing you to view your website and competitors through the eyes of the search engines.

General SEO Stats: Information such as Domain Authority, Link Counts, Indexed Pages and mozRank.
Organic Keywords: Find out what keywords give your URL the highest ranking.
KPI Monitoring: Analytics, Social Insights, Backlinks, SERP...monitor what really matters.
Social Stats: A brief snapshot of the buzz and conversation surrounding your URL.